The Facts About Jesus’ Resurrection
May 21, 2017

The Facts About Jesus’ Resurrection

Passage: I Corinthians 15



I Corinthians 15


1) Of First Importance, Jesus was Crucified, Buried and He Rose Again!

a)I make known to you… (Lit: I would have you know…)   is this a gentle rebuke - Has Corinth really understood the impact? (vss. 1-2)

b) This is a tradition of Primary importance told by Paul and received by Paul     (vss. 3-4)

c) Who saw the risen Christ? (vss. 4-10) Imagine the social impact of over 500 witnesses in a doubting society!

2)   If Christ were not Resurrected

a) Your faith is in vain (vss. 12-13)

b)   Your witness would be false (vss. 15-17)

c)   You are still in your sins and fallen believers have died in sin (vss. 18-19)

d) It is a pitiful existence that we Christians would experience (vs. 19)

3) The Significance of the Resurrection:

a) Christ the Firstfruits (vss.20-28)

The firstfruits defined Lev. 23:10

The First Adam vs. The Last Adam

b) Our witness argued from life’s perspective (vss. 29-34)

1b) Baptism of the dead? Why would one even consider this if Christ had not died?

2b) Preaching in hostile situations? Of what merit would that be?

3b) Bad company: You are not witnessing but rather not even known as Christian to those around you! Shame on you!

c)   The Resurrected body is explained (vss. 35-49)

d)   Victory over Death (vss. 50-58)